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Easy VSL 2.0 Review – Will This Work For You?

Welcome to Easy VSL 2.0 Review Site.

Easy VSL 2.0 Review

New research in internet marketing has shown that video sales letters can increase product conversions by more than 200%. If you’re promoting your own products or are simply an affiliate marketer, it’s quite easy to guess that customers love watching videos — not reading a boring sales page.

So if you’re serious about converting massive sales and getting tons more traffic to your sites, Easy VSL 2.0 is one way to do that by letting you easily produce high quality video sales letters in barely any time at all. In our Easy VSL 2.0 review, we’ll discuss the highlights of this powerful new program.

Easy VSL 2.0 review

The New Easy VSL 2.0 Program

Easy VSL 2.0 is a new program by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen. These two extremely successful online marketers have produced a software program that works for Mac and PC platforms both. You can easily create video sales letters without having to pay someone to do it for you or spend lots of time struggling with difficult configurations.

This software is a simple plug-and-play style of program, not requiring any previous editing experience or creation experience. Easy VSL allows you to create video sales letters extremely fast, but you’ll also be able to create other types of products as well.

The Headache of VSL Production is Eliminated

Without Easy VSL 2.0, you’ll have to follow a pretty lengthy process to make a video sales letter. First you’d have to make a lot of slides on Powerpoint, then copy your sales letter copy to each slide manually.

Then you’d have to record audio/voice over while playing the PowerPoint and trying to match the audio in time — using the mouse to click through your slides. This is laborious and not much fun.

What’s Included in Easy VSL 2.0

When you buy Easy VSL 2.0, you’ll see a members area where you can download the software, access training videos, and get user support. You’ll have access to webinars that show you how to clone/build video sales funnels as well, using a program called click funnels.

How the Program Works

Easy VSL works very simply. First, you create a new VSL project, selecting either a template from scratch or pasting your text in from a text editor. Next, you add split marks, showing where your slides should end. Then, you choose background themes and colors to give your video some flare.

After that, you’ll edit your slides using Easy VSL to automatically format and themify them. You’ll have plenty of options to edit text and font type, size, color, alignment, and transitions.

Audio and Video Timeline Matching

Then, you’ll add audio to your timeline. All you’ll need to do is select a basic audio file — music or voiceovers –and Easy VSL will load it right up onto your timeline. At this point you can choose where you want the slide transitions to go. Just play your audio within easy VSL and click slides when you want them to show up.

Finally, you can publish your video in high or standard quality, among others. With these six simple steps, you’ll have created a video sales letter in just minutes as opposed to outsourcing it and editing it manually, which would take days or even weeks.

easy vsl 2.0 review

Future Updates

In addition to the basic functionality of Easy VSL 2.0, future versions are going to include numerous additions, such as the ability to put video into your presentations and one click speech to text. In addition, they will add slide translation to any language, importing and usage of custom backgrounds, and a built in audio recorder.

Easy VSL also includes the feature of publishing video to YouTube and Vimeo straight from within the program itself.

They’ll also be implementing multiple audio file support, keyboard shortcuts, and duplicate slide functionality across presentations. Text animation is likely to be included in future updates as well.

Conclusion: Why Video Sales Letters are Critical to Your Success

Most marketers understand that video is important, but they don’t understand just how important. Sales pages that have tons of text are often just going to drive customers away, nowadays. Even if you have a great product, if you don’t sell it using great-looking, professional-quality video, you’ll be at a loss.

As our Easy VSL 2.0 review concludes, it’s now possible to churn out sales letter after sales letter, ramping up your business by at least 200% and converting much more traffic. Easy VSL 2.0 also adds SEO factors to your sales pages automatically, helping you rank in the search engines and get your pages in front of more customers.

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